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Cordon Sanitaire Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Delivered as part of Cordon Sanitaire’s (Cyber Security as a Service) CaaS, the ‘Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal’ delivers real time information tailored to individual roles and responsibilities. Using a process also known as 'Intelligence Driven Security' or 'Threat Based Defence', to gather valuable industry wide insights based on real-time analysis of contextual and situational risks tailored to an organisation’s specific threat landscape and commercial ecosystem.

The Cordon Sanitaire Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Analytics Platform is built on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform leveraging Hyperscale storage, stream analytics and machine learning that can deliver client specific Cyber security readiness KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) in the form of a management dashboard, giving a visual real time state of the businesses Cyber Exposure across key control areas.

The core information sections being:

  • Cyber threat readiness – A Key Performance Indicator Management Dashboard for management to have a real time finger on the pulse of their organisations Cyber exposure and readiness.
  • Industry Cyber threat trends – Linking into international Cyber intelligence information feeds to deliver filtered and targeted information into an organisation, providing visibility of the current threat landscape in their industry.
  • User Security Awareness – A unique metric that addresses the weakest link in organisations security, the users. It requires the development of a special plugin that supervises user interactions with email attachments and web browsing to provide management insights into the user risk.
  • Predictive risk analytics - This should address the likelihood of something happening in the future, even if it is just an instant later…

A key component of the CTI Platform is the inclusion of employee awareness and risk level telemetry, with the ability to drill down through departments. This is a unique metric that is not available in any CTI platforms even for many Enterprise GRC Suites (Governance Risk and Compliance) and interleaves with the Red on Blue service from which it gets its data.

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