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“Cybersecurity is what makes your business model operational. Without that cybersecurity posture you’re still in beta as a company. You need that mandatory operational layer that’s no longer defensive, it’s part of your core business DNA.”

Cordon Sanitaire delivers smarter business decision making and competitive advantage by applying common sense from a different perspective, identifying and pre-empting Cyber and IT security risks to business objectives. Combining independent consulting, technical, educational and real time support expertise. Incorporating industry standards, best practices and real world experience to drive benefits through the application of 'Proactive Cyber Intelligence Driven Actions' and 'Cyber Risk Based Competitive Advantage'.

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UK Businesses Breached Last Year 81%

(Dept. Business, Innovation & Skills)

CIO's who think they are covered 52%

CIO's who ACTUALLY have the cover they think 10%

(Marsh Ltd)

Org's have not estimated financial impact of cyber-attack 68%


Probability of you being attacked 100%


£ cost / large business incident


Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) Attacks Daily


% Increased success of cyber attacks 2010-14

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Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) is a unique Cordon Sanitaire managed service offering, comprising a conceptual approach combined with specific tactics to prevent, mitigate and respond to specific challenges, allowing for flexibility of fit to the unique requirements of each organisation. CSaaS provides you with adaptive cost effective management tools that help leaders control and mitigate the challenges and threats that characterise ALL organisational environments comprising expertise to supercharge your internal team. You can now confront with confidence, the rising complexity and response agility required to meet and pre-empt the advanced, persistent and fast evolving Cyber threats targeting your business as Competitive Advantage.

Each service component is available individually and can operate seamlessly with an organisations GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) management and response strategy and commitment to customers and shareholders.

IT Security Assessments

The Assessment process is designed to provide impartial IT and Cyber security risk baseline visibility for an organisation no matter what its current security posture.

Red Teaming

Working with you exploring alternatives in plans, operations, concepts and capabilities in the context of your Cyber posture and operational environment. Doing so critically from the perspectives of partners, adversaries, and others

Cyber Threat Intelligence

A process also known as 'Intelligence Driven Security' or 'Threat Based Defence', helps to gather valuable industry wide insights based on real-time analysis of contextual and situational risks tailored to an organisation’s specific threat landscape and commercial ecosystem.

Red Cells

Get to your weaknesses before the bad guys, with your own hacking team providing a rolling program of continuous (non-destructive) probing of your organisations externally IT surfaces backed by a real time remediation process.

Proactive Risk Management

Applying proactive Cyber threat based risk economics to assure uncertainty does not deviate our client’s endeavours from their business goals, delivering real competitive advantage, identifying risks that open the way for business opportunity. By helping them meet the cyber business challenges in areas of regulatory compliance and risk management.

Virtual Chief Security & Data Protection Officer (v-CSO)

Have an experinced qualified security professional as an extension to your senior management and advisory team, who can also provide breach response coordination, data compliance and media facing services.

Cyber Security as a Service

CSaaS engagement process

  • scope & baseline
  • challange & strategise
  • findings & remediation
  • review
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Our services incorporate industry standards, certifications and quality practices to drive real business benefits through the application of 'Intelligence Driven Security'.

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Also see our GDPR Readiness service to turbo boost your GDPR compliance.

Every organisation needs some help in the Cyber Security race. These services are by no means exclusive or exhaustive in detail, they can be tailored based on accepted standards and best practices and they are scalable for organizations of all sizes.

UK Govt. Cyber Essentials

£ 1,500 Fixed
  • Program Consultation
  • Supervised CE Questionnaire
  • Remediation Advise
  • Certification application support
  • Update advisories

Virtual Chief Security Officer

£ 2,500 quarter
  • In person monthly reviews
  • Tailored management briefing
  • Incident 'First Responder'
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence notification Service
  • EU GDPR Data Officer
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