London & Edinburgh Equity Limited Core Values

Our passion is to foster trustworthy, efficient and effective business practices and processes through a rational, balanced and pragmatic approach to servicing our clients requirements.

To reflect the culture and values of our business we promise you:

  • Integrity - At our core, our business is trust.
    • We believe in our principles and we are transparent, sincere and realistic in our commitments. This value is the foundation on which our success will rest and you can depend. Assuring you we are conscientious and in our promises you can depend, knowing we always deliver on them once we make them.

  • Excellence - We strive to do the very best job we can in all endeavours.
    • Our Passion for Excellence requires our constant re-evaluation and improvement, going the extra mile to deliver exactly what you need, to attract and retain exactly the right resources. Never satisfied with our own performance; we care about reaching our maximum potential, an investment in which you can be assured.

  • Accountable - We will take responsibility for our action.
    • The strength of our service levels is the guarantee you can rest secure in the belief that your faith is not misplaced. Everyone must shoulder their responsibilities across the board. Make certain the job is done and done right.

  • Respect – We will respect our customers and our team who believe in us and trust us to act in their best interest.
    • We will value our partners and vendors, who are making their contributions to our mutual success. We will respect each other’s differences in background keeping in mind that it is this diversity which makes our services unique, working in an atmosphere in which everyone's contributions are valued.

  • Innovation – We constantly apply intelligence, acumen and creativity to our efforts.
    • Innovation means always thinking of new and better ways to improve, using technology not for its own sake, but as an enabler to improve delivery. Innovation comes from everyone, because the best ideas are progressed when everyone feels empowered to promote change. If we do not strive to adapt and evolve the alternative is extinction.

  • Teamwork – We can achieve far more working together than we can as individuals.
    • To successfully deliver, we will overcome the boundaries that separate us and collaborate with each other. We will trust each other to do the right thing, unafraid to ask for help, because we know this is a collaborative effort, just like we are there when you need us.