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Cordon Sanitaire Virtual Chief Security Officer (v-CSO)

A Virtual Chief Security Officer (v-CSO) functions as an extension to your senior management and advisory team. Working strategically with the business to predict future risks, and in so doing open up new business opportunities that offer real competitive advantage.

Our v-CSO service offers a viable way for an organisation to manage the growing burden and exposure to IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). For organisations that can afford these high value dedicated resources our v-CSO service provides a safety net when confronting:

  • A Real time transforming Threat Landscape
  • Increased Regulatory Requirements
  • Complex Supply Chain relationships
  • Service Level Agreement management
  • Balancing security v business enablement (risk tolerance)

Our V-CSO service provides a cost effective way for you to:

  • Turning proactive risk prediction and management into a competitive advantage for organisations.
  • Get current across your people, practices, policies and processes.
  • Stay up to date with current regulation and the evolving threat landscape.
  • Benefit from shared insights and lessons learned across our wider client base.
  • On demand access to specialists.
  • Regular tailored executive briefings.
  • Promote your business to customers with confidence.
  • Engage with Cyber Security specialists with unique leadership skills.
  • Senior executive mentoring

A v-CSO engagement involves complementing or even taking ownership of an organisations IT and Cyber Security Governance, Risk and Compliance posture. This requires mandatory activities to ensure the v-CSO responsibilities can be fulfilled which includes agreeing a baseline risk profile for an organisation and senior management commitment to remedy any areas of immediate exposure and support for continuous GRC improvement. Engagment activities include:

  • Business IT Audit - With a v-CSO appointment this is a appraisal of your organisational security footprint. You get a dedicated report across key areas of your organisations IT resource and operational security health.
  • Guidance UK Government Cyber Essentials PLUS Certification (Certification & Penetration Testing costs apply)
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory and roadmap planning. We keep this soft touch and in context:
    • IT Business Risk assessment.
    • Securing IT Infrastructure and applications.
    • Data Governance review and operational framework.
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
    • Tailored IT and end user Policy and Practices.
    • Incident and breach Response process.
    • 'First Responder' resource for incident triage & media interaction.
    • Continuous Personnel Development program advise for IT personnel and end user training & awareness.
  • GRC Baseline implementation - Delivering on the Advisory roadmap in accordance with your business operational and financial cadence and priorities. Note that there is a minimum expected level of recommended compliance for us to engage.

You can engage the quick start Cordon Sanitaire v-CSO service which incorporates:

  • Monthly CSO conference call with IT and senior management.
  • Quarterly in person management meeting attendance.
  • Quarterly tailored management and operational briefing memo that speak to your organisations unique IT Business footprint.
  • Quarterly Cyber Threat Intelligence notification service.
  • v-CSO UK working hours call back support service.
  • Incident 'First Responder' service access (24 hour UK business hours response).

Optional enhancements to the quick-start v-CSO services include:

  • Increase cadence of quarterly engagement activities to monthly.
  • In person monthly management meeting attendance.
  • v-CSO 24x7 call back service
  • Incident 'First Responder' priority access (8 hour UK on premise response)
  • First Responder press and media management and interfacing.
  • Senior executive online privacy protection mentoring.
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